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ACAdemy'S Performing Groups

 Requirements for dancers enrolled in The Academy’s performing group companies:

  • Dancer must attend our performing group audition August 27 for placement. All dancers will be placed, the reason for the audition is to match dancers with complimentary size/age and dance level 

        (make-up auditions will be available for those unable to attend).


  • Dancer must be enrolled in the minimum number of classes for their respective performing group for the full season (September-August). *Look below to find what classes are required for each company.


  • Dancer must be available for the Performing Group Rehearsal Class Friday at 6:30PM the week before any performance opportunity. 


  • Dancer must be available for performances.


  • Dancer’s account will be charged an additional $10 a month to cover the following; Choreographers, Insurance, Staffing costs related to performances, BMI (music licensing), Travel costs associated with performances, performing group rehearsal time.


  • Dancer will be required to purchase an Academy of Dance T-shirt for performance venues that do not provide an accessible changing area. Each dance will have its own costume with a maximum of two costumes. 

 Required Classes For Each Performing Group:


Jr. Jazz:

4 Classes

Jr. Jazz Performing Group Class

Ballet II (or Ballet I based on level) X 2


Int./Adv. Jazz

Academy Jazz:

5 Classes

Academy Jazz Performing Group Class

Ballet III X 2


Contemporary 2/3 or Hip Hop/Heels

San Luis Jazz:

6 Classes

Academy Jazz Performing Group Class

Ballet III (or Company) X 3


Contemporary 2/3


3 Classes

Pizzazz  Performing Group Class

Ballet (or Ballet I based on level)

Int./Adv. Jazz

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