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Dancing at The Academy during the Pandemic:

Inside Edition: Starting March 16, 2022 

Academy's Mask Mandate:

In alignment with The San Luis Coastal Unified School District, starting Wednesday, March 16 we will be dropping our mandatory mask requirement for all dancers. Though at The Academy we strongly suggest masks, they will no longer be required for dancers during class time. If dancers do not feel comfortable dancing maskless, we will always have masks on hand and urge you to do what you feel you and your family are comfortable with. The Academy will also be reopening our lobby, observation room to studio 2, observation room to studio 1, our student "hangout room," and our bathrooms on 3/16. Our new dancer dressing room is currently undergoing a facelift and will remain closed for the time being. We will be keeping all doors to studio 1 and 3 open for cross ventilation and our garage doors will be open when weather permits.

**For dancers whom are under the vaccination age (5yrs), we strongly suggest wearing a mask.**


This marks a return to normalcy for our students and staff at The Academy. We know that these past couple of years have been hard. We hope we never have to enforce masks, socially distance, dance on zoom or go back to dancing outside ever again. We certainly will if it is ordered or in the best interest of our dancers and staff. Right now, we are just so happy to see everyones smiling faces again.

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