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Dancing at The Academy during the Pandemic:

Inside Edition: Starting May 3

Before you arrive at The Academy:

  • *  Make sure you have registered for class in advance of attending classes at The Academy. Registration will happen completely online. This will cut down on person to person exposure. The Academy will only take credit cards though MINDBODY online. The office at The Academy will be closed. If you have questions about registration, please email for an almost immediate response.

  • *  Please prepare yourself for class. Dressing rooms will be closed for the remainder of the pandemic. Please show up at the Academy “ready to dance” and with a mask or CDC approved face covering.

  • *  Please prepare a water bottle. The drinking faucet at the Academy will not be available. After class, please remember to take your water bottle with you as all items left at the Academy will be disposed of at the end of the day (we are sorry about this, but it is essential that we leave no items that may create a contamination issue).

  • *  Leave your home with enough time to arrive at The Academy at least 5 minutes before your class starts. Once dancers are invited into class, the class will be closed.

  • *  Please self screen at home for fever or any other symptoms associated to COVID-19 as outlined by the CDC. Information can be found by following this link:

  • *  If your dancer is sick, please stay home.

    When you arrive at The Academy:

  • *  The parking lot will now be open at The Academy. Please park on the far end of the parking lot on the opposite side of our outdoor studios.

  • *  Dancers should find a socially distanced waiting area in front of STUDIO 1 & STUDIO 3. You will find sanitized chairs where dancers may place personal items during class.

  • *  At this time, we are not allowing parents to observe class. Please be sure that you are at the studio ready for pickup at the appropriate time. After class, dancers will be instructed to leave class and find a waiting area in the parking lot (socially distanced). All lobby and waiting areas are closed at this time. No dancers will be able to stay at The Academy between classes or wait for their pickup inside after class.

  • *  5 minutes before class, the teacher will invite dancers to enter the building (at this time, we are only using studio 1 & studio 3). If the dancer is dancing in studio 1, dancers will enter through the garage door. If dancers are dancing in studio 3, dancers will enter through the garage door. Please find a clearly marked sanitization station before you begin class. Dancers will be properly spaced to ensure as much distance as possible between dancers. All dancers must be masked throughout the class.

  • *  After class is over, dancers will be excused from class. In studio 1, dancers will be excused from stage right to left out the garage door into the parking lot. In studio 3, dancers will be excused from stage right to stage left out the garage door. Dancers may wait at the socially distanced designated area for pick up.


Important Information About Facility Use:

Dressing rooms will be closed during the pandemic. Dancers are asked to be dropped off ready to dance.


Starting May 3, bathrooms will be open for use at The Academy. Dancers are asked after facility use to use the designated spray bottles to spray any surface they have touched.

There will be no use of the drinking faucet or the drink/snack machines. Dancers are asked to bring a water bottle that they must take with them after class.


Access to The Academy office will only be for Academy staff.

When looking at the building, the right side of the parking lot will be open for staff parking only.

It is imperative that whatever you bring to the studio is taken with you when you leave. Whatever is left at the end of the day will be disposed of.